The Tomboy style is often misunderstood and negatively viewed. This style is often perceived as a symbol of feminism, violence or characterised women with different sexual orientation. However, I discovered a brand, Wildfang, who made the tomboy attitude looks so sexy and cool.
Does it bother me that my daughter doesn't join in when the other little girls are playing house? Not for a second. She's over with the boys, running faster and jumping higher than she ever would with Cinderella slippers on. In any case, she'll always be a princess in my eyes. A tangled-haired, grubby-faced, puddle-stomping, world-conquering princess.
How are we bringing up our daughters? Do we pass on gender expectations and stereotypes even when we believe in equality?
With her cropped blonde hair, baggy T-shirt and shorts, 10-year-old Laure (Zoé Héran) looks like the older brother of six-year-old Jeanne (the gorgeous Malonn Lévana). When the family moves to a new apartment in the suburbs of Paris, a bored Laure watches kids from the estate playing nearby and longs to join in.