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Tommy Robinson was asked to leave a casino on Monday as he is on a national list of people barred from gambling establishments
UPDATE: The Usdaw trade union has issued a revised statement. It reads as follows: "The shopworker concerned is an Usdaw
Selfridges has been criticised for giving Tommy Robinson a free steak dinner by way of apology after one of their sales assistants
UPDATE:Selfridges have been criticised for giving the EDL's Tommy Robinson a free steak dinner. A Selfridges shop assistant
Selfridges says it is "very disappointed" at the actions of a member of staff who allegedly refused to serve EDL leader Tommy
The staff member at Selfridges should be commended for his actions. There needs to be maximum opposition to fascism. Whether that's turning up for a protest, denouncing the EDL online as the Nazi scum they are or refusing to sell them designer underwear, to take a phrase from a far more down-market store than where Tommy Robinson shops, 'every little helps'.