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Although I question many of his archaic statements in the past, I do not believe Australia's new PM chose to represent only one woman in his cabinet based on misogynistic tendencies. I believe playing into that is counterproductive to the real issue at hand.
David Cameron is said to have a woman problem, with a tiny female presence at the heart of his government. But Australia's
To the joy of the LGBT community in Australia, it was announced this week that the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is
Whether you're interested in the Royal Mail or royal males, it's been quite the week. Yes, today's round-up of Twitter funnies
Now that the Australian election is done, and before we ignore politics for another three years, let's have a quick think about what a vote for Liberal or Labor really means.
Tony Abbott has been elected as the new PM of Australia. He got there through a combination of shrewd political manoeuvring
Earlier on Saturday, David Cameron called the British-born Abbott to congratulate him on his election, adding that he was
David Cameron has called Australia's new Prime Minister Tony Abbott to congratulate him on his election win. The Tory leader
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Tony Abbott has become Australia's 28th prime minister, declaring from today "Australia is under new management ." Abbott