Tony Baldry

My Right Honourable Friend the home secretary has quite rightly warned that abandoning the Arrest Warrant would undermine the fight against crime and risk turning Britain into a haven for fugitives. I hope the whole House on Monday will vote on the pragmatic grounds of public safety rather than playing politics.
The rarity of these new, liberal democratic nations is illustrated by the speculation in the media and elsewhere that a newly independent Scotland would have a lot to learn from three-year-old South Sudan. The inference is clear: Establishing a fully functional government and the apparatus of the state is a phenomenally difficult task.
David Cameron has lost two MPs in the space of 24-hours. Dudley South MP Chris Kelly and Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry have
Whilst there may be little bad news around for newspapers such as the Banbury Guardian to report, there is no shortage of serious local public policy challenges, which one would hope that a public newspaper of record would consider worth of reporting.
One would have thought that the international community, including the UN, the US and the EU, would have been swift to have condemned a failed coup d'état, i.e. the seeking of seizing power and control of the country by the barrel of a gun rather than through the ballot box.
No one disagrees that the UK's present relationship with the European Union is not working and needs to change. Moreover, the UK - which is not in the Eurozone - needs to develop a new and different relationship with those countries that are in the Eurozone. This is why, very sensibly, the prime minister has made it clear that he is committed to seeking a new settlement for Britain in Europe
The reality is that two-thirds of Somalis are under 25. A huge number of these young people are fed up with living in conditions of grinding poverty, with little prospect of work. The challenges facing Somalia are enormous.
The Church of England has been warned it is is "deluding itself" if it thinks MPs will listen to its views on gay marriage
It will only be once the eurozone is stabilised and working reasonably effectively, that it will it be possible for people to give time to working out the shape of a new European Union.
As we mark Carers Week, it is worth recalling that the word "carer" applies to two groups of people.