Tony Nicklinson euthanasia

Tony Nicklinson's widow has said she hopes people will continue to campaign for a change in the law on assisted dying following
Tributes have been paid to locked-in sufferer Tony Nicklinson, who died "peacefully at home" after contracting pneumonia
Locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson, who last week lost his legal challenge for the right to end his life with a
Locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson has lost his High Court battle for the right to end his life when he chooses
The wife of a man with locked-in syndrome who is fighting for his right to die at the High Court said on Tuesday there will
I knew that Tony's was the first right-to-die hearing of its kind. Whereas previous cases have clarified the law on the assisted suicide, Tony's case goes further - it represents a fundamental challenge to the law on murder. "The court", says Mr Justice Charles, who allowed Tony's case to proceed, "is being invited to cross the Rubicon."
A Greek doctor who saved the life of a British man in Athens has said he made a “mistake keeping him alive”. Tony Nicklinson
A locked-in syndrome patient has been captured on film tweeting for the first time. Tony Nicklinson, who seven years ago
Tony Nicklinson was a "very active and outgoing man" before tragedy struck when he suffered a stroke while on a business
Legal action brought by locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson, who wants a doctor to be able to end his "intolerable
A High Court judge is to give his decision on whether a case brought by Tony Nicklinson, who suffers with "locked-in syndrome
The case of a severely-disabled 57-year-old man who wants a judge to allow a doctor to "lawfully" end his life reaches the