top 10 viral videos

We've got cats. We've got babies. We've got babies laughing at cats. Plus Bill Murray, crying kids and Julian Assange. Yes
Welcome to this week's round-up of the funniest viral videos to hit the web. And what an Olympic medal-winning bunch they
Confronted with a field full of long grass, most humans would remark how pretty it is, or even not do that and just walk
It's important to laugh on a regular basis. It's fun, for starters, and for main, it's good for the heart. Well, we hope
Another week goes by and another million squillion - approximately - videos are launched onto the internet, be they of cats
Another week, another cockatoo rocks its head to the beat of AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long. Wait, what? Yes, that's
And so another week flies by, and another 100,000 funny videos are slung onto the internet - and it's our job here to dig
What a week, eh? So many wonderful viral video to pick for this top ten, we had to turn some truly very worthy contenders