Top Gun

British film director Tony Scott has died after jumping from a bridge in Los Angeles, US authorities said today. The 68-year
So we all know Tom Cruise is an action man without equal. He's demonstrated this a few times already - when he's not been
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Which ever anti-ageing lotions and potions Tom Cruise is using, we'd like some please. It was like the clock had turned back
We've had a soft spot for Val Kilmer since he first told Tom Cruise that he could be his wingman, anytime - and since then
The sequel to 1986 classic Top Gun is soaring ahead - Paramount studios' top man insists Tom Cruise is on board to hit new
Fancy a wander down memory lane? Here are some tunes to help you on your way... Music has been an integral part of film-making
Tom Cruise has said he's committed to the Top Gun sequel. When reports of the highly awaited follow-up was announced last
Val Kilmer, whose off-screen antics and oft-altering appearance have long overshadowed his previously interesting film career