What is at the heart of this is that Theresa May and 'her team' do not respect or trust ordinary voters enough to make a judgement - and that can't be good for this country. She and they don't even trust core Tory voters enough to have Mrs May show a bit of courage under adversity and earn their respect.
Labour is, and always has been, the party for the working class. Not UKIP, not the Conservatives. There's the offer of a brand new beginning with Labour. He has been mocked and written-off from the beginning, but can Jeremy Corbyn make the biggest turnaround in political history?
We need to encourage everyone to vote. Although compulsory voting would take away people's right to choose, it is worth remembering that even today people are still fighting to have their voices heard. To those that have yet to register, you have a voice; don't miss your chance to use it!
We must hope that the British electorate is sophisticated enough to see through the empty xenophobic rhetoric of the Tories, and to embrace the alternative, and with it hope for a better future for all.
Diane Abbott, just to remind folks, has never articulated her willingness to launch nuclear missiles, sanctioned a benefit claimant, attacked migrants, condemned people to the mercy of foodbanks, homeless shelters, or helped create the dystopia that passes for society in Brexit Britain. Yet, regardless, a media baying for blood has invited us to agree that she is evil personified...
Before the manifestos come out, I thought we all needed a reminder of what was promised in 2015 by the Conservatives. I was
Here is the thing. If Theresa May can change her mind so spectacularly within months about the merits and demerits of an early general election, then we must give the people the opportunity to change their minds once the terms of Brexit are concluded. Offer a second referendum and let the people decide.
I'm normally having a relaxing afternoon snooze when it happens. Dreaming of sun, sea and who knows what. Then I hear it. Far off in the distance at first as though it's part of my dream, then suddenly it dawns on me, it's the phone.
I was happy to hear that the Conservatives had won the Copeland by-election. Mostly, because I am a Conservative supporter. But anyone who's read my incoherent warbling online will be aware that I subscribe to a particular string of conservatism that's left of many others. I'd probably go so far as to call myself a Libertarian Conservative - if that's possible.
If the Prime Minister respects the will of the people she will call an end to the partisan manoeuvring by some of her MPs. Mr Speaker has my full support and that of my Labour colleagues. We are ready to defend him because his modernising agenda is right for Westminster and right for the country.