tory conference

Commons People decamps to the pub with Politics and investigations editor at the Manchester Evening News, Jennifer Williams and Rob Ford, politics professor at Manchester University, as the Conservatives conference continues under a cloud of accusations against Boris Johnson. But are they winning friends in the region?
We followed Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh as she appeared at a fringe event to discuss what can be done about the housing crisis. She explained how she felt about it and what she hoped to get by being there.
With one day left, it's down to Theresa May to put forward her vision for the future and prove she has a semblance of a plan. If the last three days are anything to go by, I think the Tory faithful are going to be leaving Manchester very disappointed.
'He should go away and find out something about foreign policy.'
Clarke hinted that in “normal times” Johnson would probably have already been sacked from the frontbench, but said Theresa
Wollaston added: “This is a meeting that he would have know was being filmed. He needs to be much more sensitive of how he
'There are all manner of things that will become a reality in your lifetime.'
Former PM told him 'there can't be many of you' in his constituency.