Tory Party conference

The Conservatives are refusing to say precisely where the £400 million of transport investment will be spent. Why make an announcement without a plan? The reason is that this is a government without a plan, and merely shows how out of the touch the Tories are with the needs and ambitions of the North.
With desperate need for investment in preventing poverty and homelessness, the government is making clear that they intend to hinder social mobility further by undoing much of the vital work the last Labour government did to give every child a fair chance at a good education.
So no, I don't want an Asian-style working culture. Or an American one unless it comes with the kind of money that'll fund an American-style therapy habit. I just want Britain to look at itself and go "yeah, you're OK how you are". Not "we need to kick all these immigrants out and go back to being the White Britain that we never really were in the first place".
David Cameron was berated as he arrived for the Tory party conference in Manchester on Saturday. Protesters gathered outside
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With the next UK general election now a mere eight months away, the stakes could not be higher. The prospect of another five years of the Tories in power, and worse a Tory majority government, is a chilling one. The time has come to consign not only this government of the rich, and by the rich to history, but also the ideology of greed, selfishness, and avarice that underpins it.
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