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Peter Cruddas, former Tory party co-treasurer, has been secretly filmed saying that the Conservatives should be seen campaigning
A Conservative MP has apologised after he was caught taking part in a Nazi themed stag-do that involved Hitler salutes and
Modernisation! Modernisation! Modernisation! This has been the Conservative Party byline since David Cameron won the party's leadership election in 2005.
I'm "Eurosceptic" in the same way I'm "sceptical" about putting my genitals in a piranha tank. So I'm 63% certain I don't want to be in the EU. You see, I was born in a little place I like to call Freedom. Others - mapmakers, for example - might call it "Wolverhampton".
Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has said he regretted "the colourful language" he used when he accused Home Secretary Theresa
Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has questioned the accuracy of Home Secretary Theresa May's assertion that a convicted illegal
Thousands of demonstrators have set off on a march through Manchester as the Conservative Party conference opens in the city
I do not know about you but I am finding myself baffled, irritated and confused by the World Bank, the European Central Bank