Toshiba have made a bid for the 'most horrifying new tech' award at this year's CES, by unveiling a robot geisha. The android
Toshiba is partnering with The Huffington Post to offer students the chance to win a 1TB harddrive and a 256GB SSD to boost
My biggest take away from the whole experience was that Toshiba Encore was a very powerful device, one that was capable of doing so much more than you would think a small tablet could do - and that is just scratching the surface!
Next year, a new Government initiative will be announced that will deliver £30m worth of Growth Vouchers to small business in a bid to help them grow.
Three Japanese manufacturers have agreed to merge their production of small and medium displays to create the largest LCD
Suppliers to Apple Inc have reportedly begun production of the lower-priced iPhone 4. The Reuters news agency cited two sources