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It's important not to overstate the importance of England's friendly win over Germany on Friday evening. Yes, it was perceptibly
Tensions between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur supporters reached breaking point at Saturday’s North London Derby. One fan
With all of this conducted by Mauricio Pochettino's rising star it's easy to dream of the title, to get swept away with the all the plaudits and wild predictions about how far this team can go - 'And they're only young' is often uttered at the end of such discussions. But the little bit of pessimism that still lurks in the back of my mind is only concerned about finishing in the top four...
Pochettino is at the right stage of his career, at the right club, with the right squad to make a history-making difference. He could be the next man at Chelsea, the man in the shadow at United, or THE man at Tottenham Hotspur. It doesn't even seem worth consideration.
For a club that prides itself on being at one with one of London's most deprived communities, there are a lot of facets to Spurs' new ground that are shameful.
Sure, the trophy will sit in Arsenal's dusty trophy cabinet for a year and fans will get 'Champions 16' on the back of their replica shirts, but next season, unless they bring in a centre back, holding midfielder and striker at least, they will slump back to their more familiar fourth place. That is, unless the other top sides fail to turn up once again.
It's been fairly easy to tell when there's a transfer window coming up over the last year or two - just keep an eye out for the slew of people crawling out of the woodwork to have a go at Emmanuel Adebayor. The Togolese striker should, by rights, be one of the top free agents that Premier League teams are looking to pick up this January...
Not all managers can afford to show Pochettino levels of patience, when some are constantly peering over their own shoulders and praying they don't lose three matches in a row. But Spurs aren't the most patient club in history, and the strong position they find themselves in is testament to their manager's bravery.
Jeremy Corbyn received some endorsement from an unexpected source at the home of his football club Arsenal yesterday. As
Arsenal FC is to be protested by its own fans ahead of Sunday's north London derby Against Spurs, with supporters demanding