Tottenham Riot

Community leaders expressed their disappointment that Tottenham MP, David Lammy, who had called the jury's verdict in the Duggan case "perplexing and seemingly contradictory," had not attended the vigil despite being invited by Duggan's family.
As supporters and family members prepare to gather outside Tottenham's Police station on Saturday, police have warned of
A brand new film showcasing the valuable work of HRH The Prince of Wales's arts and education charities launched yesterday
A drug dealer who supplied a gun to Mark Duggan minutes before his fatal shooting by police sparked the 2011 summer riots
In the August riots of 2011 I had to experience something nobody should have to - I watched my home city burn. Politicos
Legislation surrounding the smacking of children needs to be relaxed so working-class parents can instil discipline in their
Police are still hunting for more than 200 people in connection with the riots that blighted London in August. Scotland Yard
As we try and navigate the grey area between right and wrong we will inevitably stumble upon inconvenient truths and realities. When we become bogged down in the sticky search for that elusive thing called justice, it is the law we assume as our guide to provide clarity in contradiction.
I was born in West Ham in London's East End before World War II. Continual bombing, collapsing buildings, fire. All these I experienced at an early age. I was aware that people died.
It has been 7 days since dissent and disorder burned through Britain and made many of our poor communities poorer yet despite the large amount of ink and sound dedicated to public discussion on the riots the discourse has become centered on one issue, gangs.