tottenham riots

A key witness in the Pc Keith Blakelock murder trial has told a court that "all blacks look alike" to him. The witness, known
Community leaders expressed their disappointment that Tottenham MP, David Lammy, who had called the jury's verdict in the Duggan case "perplexing and seemingly contradictory," had not attended the vigil despite being invited by Duggan's family.
In the aftermath of an inquest that found police lawfully killed Mark Duggan, protests are planned in London and Birmingham
Firearms officers are to trial the use of body-worn video cameras to record evidence in the wake of the Mark Duggan shooting
The panel of seven women and three men said that police had not done enough to gather and react to intelligence about the
David Lammy wasn't a widely known politician this time a year ago. The Labour MP had been in the Brown government as a junior
Do we really want to develop an education system based on well-meaning but ultimately skewed nostalgia?
A millionaire's daughter has been convicted of burglary as well as driving looters around London during last summer's riots
The concept of empathy is one I have long been interested in. Whose responsibility is it to teach people to consider others, to be more empathetic?
Siva Kandiah nearly gave up. On one of the first nights of unrest in Hackney, rioters broke into his shop and stole stock