Tough Mudder

Friends and memories are made. It is an experience not to be missed. But what can increase your chances of success on the day? What can heighten your confidence heading to the start line? A few simple tips can help you secure the warm glow of a successful finish.
Running events evoke all sorts of emotions. There's the nerves in the build-up; the desire as you spring from the start line; the agony of over-worked muscles; the flickering between camaraderie and competition.
It really did shock me, this extreme elation that stuck-around throughout the event. I had assumed pain or at the very least boredom might trump and rouge endorphins - I only knew one of my team-mates at the beginning of the run (her name is Harriet, and she was back for seconds, having actually managed to completed what I wimped out of in the Spring).
Obstacle course races (OCRs) like Tough Mudder are becoming more and more popular - they are great fun, great to do with friends and a great way to get fit! But they can be pretty grueling...
If one of your New Year resolutions was to do a Tough Mudder this year then we have some important news for you. They're
Ask someone why they've never embarked on a Tough Mudder race before and their excuse will probably be something along the
I'm sure, like me, you go through times when you wonder what it's all about. Why does so much bad stuff happen? Why is it so difficult for things to just be... good? Why do I feel so miserable? Is there any point carrying on?
With supporters at Tough Mudder on Sunday While Rob couldn’t tackle every obstacle in the 12-mile off-road challenge, his
It's Sunday evening and already today I've been electrocuted, submerged in freezing water and made to run 12 miles. What's
'Weekend Warriors', a documentary following five men as they attempt to conquer the 12 mile military-style obstacle course