toulouse shooting

A Toulouse city square was evacuated due to a suspect package on Friday after a rally in support of the seven victims of
Presidential candidate Francois Hollande has criticised the French security forces for their "flawed" surveillance of Mohammed
The Muslim faith has nothing to do with the terrorism France faced after a crazed gunman went on a series of shooting sprees
Mohammed Merah, the suspect accused of killing four people at a Jewish school and three soldiers in south west France, has
UPDATE: Sustained gunfire has been heard at the scene of the siege in Toulouse. Sky News reported police were in the apartment
French police have reportedly stormed the house of Mohammed Merah, the suspect in a series of shootings in the south-west
Hate crimes are crimes against all of us, as we could be victim. Hate is blind and we don't have the luxury of thinking that it doesn't affect us.
The suspected gunman at the centre of an armed stand-off with police in Toulouse appears to have led two very different lives
The lawyer for Mohammed Merah, the man suspected of killing seven people during a series of shooting sprees in southern France
Terrified neighbours of suspected Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah "begged" police to be evacuated during an armed stand-off