A Buddhist temple in Thailand has installed a gold-painted statue of footballer David Beckham. The statue, built in a traditional garuda style holding up the altar, features Beckham's trademark floppy hairstyle from his early years and his team jersey. It has been luring tourists to the temple since it was unveiled.
The city of Kamakura in Japan has passed an ordinance to stop tourists from eating while they walk to cut down the rising levels of litter on the streets. The city had 20 million visitors in 2018. But locals say tourists lack manners and etiquette.
The victim was believed to be from Egypt.
Is it safe to take a balloon ride in Luxor? A South African was killed in a hot air balloon ride in Luxor this past week.
Don't be loud and obnoxious. Ask people questions but be polite. This of course should be the mantra for life in general but most particularly when you are visiting another country. And just because English isn't the national language doesn't mean people can't understand you without you shouting at them.
The news had been announced just forty-eight hours before, in a televised address to the nation which stated that a one-year mourning period would take place across Thailand. What would it be like to be a tourist in a country mourning their greatest national treasure?
6. London “The London Eye. The London Eye can f**k off. Queues are insanely long, you need perfect weather to see fuck all
They're so ingrained in our psyche that if I said 'yellow cab' you'd almost certainly know that I was in New York. And they were a familiar sight as I hopped into one at JFK, having arrived without too much of an idea of where I was going.
A British backpacker is feared drowned after jumping off a bridge in Australia "for a bit of fun". The 30-year-old was the