tower hamlets

Like many other people, I went to last Saturday's protest in East London first and foremost to oppose the far right English Defence League and to defend the Muslim community against EDL thuggery.
To the English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson and all the lads and lasses who came to London to make anti-Muslim mayhem on Saturday, it is my duty to inform that you never put a foot in Tower Hamlets - the borough with the highest percentage of Muslims in Britain.
Even though Tower Hamlets is just a short tube or bus ride from Westminster it is disappointing that no members of the government bothered to stand shoulder to shoulder with their local neighbours in the face of threats and intimidation from the English Defence League on Saturday.
Around 150 members of the English Defence League have attempted to march from Kings Cross to Whitechapel, East London, causing
There is a lively debate taking place in the UK media between left and right wing commentators as to the causes of the English riots in which hundreds of shops and businesses have been looted.