toxic chemicals

With my first child on the way and a summer holiday booked for next year (in the sun, complete with swimming pool) I suddenly wanted to know a lot more about what I would potentially be exposing my daughter to, and much to my horror I found:
The beauty industry, in the UK alone, is worth around 17 billion pounds and from looking at these figures, I can see why brands are not putting more emphasis on the importance of monitoring the products we use.
"A good rule for rocket experimenters to follow is this: always assume it will explode." - Letter to the Editors of Astronautics
An advisory group to the United Nations is calling for a revolution. It won't be taking people to the streets, ousting governments or causing bloodshed, but it will overhaul the data driving governments' decisions.
Islamic State militants are hoping to weaponise bubonic plague to use against “unbelievers," it has been reported. Documents
An unprecedented study has revealed that the chemicals in everyday products including sunscreen, toothpaste and soap, could
The US public's negative attitude to such weapons now made the chemical industry so nervous, they turned away from lucrative contracts. But the US Army continued pursuing stockpiles...
Some of the tabloids last week declared that Britain is in the grip of a skin allergy 'epidemic' stating that millions of people are being exposed to toxic chemicals.
When it comes to proper labelling on our beauty products, its not pretty out there. It seems cosmetics and lotions that are being labelled organic, natural or even more cheekily -'nature inspired', may not be as pure as they claim.
With the declaration of an end to the nine year war, the last US combat troops pulled out of Iraq on Sunday, weeks ahead