Tracey Cox

The very first sex toy I designed, someone else had already thought of. I described my vision of the perfect vibrator and the execs of the company which hired me for input, held up a prototype and said 'You mean like this?' Er, yes.
Despite endless adages along the lines of "it's about the motion in the ocean, not the size of the boat", it turns out that
Whatever you think of Fifty Shades (and does it really matter if it's not written terribly well?), it woke millions of women from a bored, sexual stupor and reminded them of how astonishingly good great sex can be.
Nothing like a national celebration to up the national average for sex. The combination of party + alcohol + time off + a lie in = more sex for everyone! Less 'God save the Queen' more 'God help me I'm horny as hell'. WARNING: This blog contains graphic sexual content...
The amount of press the recent G-spot 'discovery' generated was mind-bogglingly excessive - anyone would think the guy had found a cure for cancer, for God's sake.