Trans woman

Trans activists, educators and health professionals on how you can be an ally to the trans community. Five easy steps from The University of Hong Kong lecturer Brenda Alegre PHD, performer Brandy X, personal trainer Cairo Nevitt and NHS Sexual health specialist nurse Neil Baulita.
Body hair is political. It’s also social and cultural. For some women – particularly trans women – the absence or presence of body hair can even be a safety issue. Messaging around body hair is insidious and the policing can begin at a young age, perpetuating narrow beauty standards and an even narrower understanding of gender identity.
Trans women are incessantly policed on everything from being too female to not being female enough – but no one asks what it really means to be a man, writes CJ Atkinson.
When I returned to the sport after my transition, walking back into the paddock for the first time was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.
Here's why the organisation's equality and diversity policy is hitting headlines.
Columnist Owen Jones labelled 'Talcum X' over issue at Labour conference gathering.
"Labour has quietly changed the definition of ‘woman’ without consulting women."
Activist David Lewis suspended for claiming he's a woman 'on Wednesdays'
You know who attributes worth to what’s in a person’s underwear? Misogynists