transfer window

Premier League clubs have money to burn after a new television deal worth in excess of £5billion kicked in this summer, with clubs up and down the country seemingly breaking their transfer records at will. No other league in the world can match England's top flight for financial incentive and eight clubs have already set new highs in the market with a fortnight of trading still to go.
The Red Devils are among the elite of world football, and while they may still be going through a period of transition at the moment, that name just has a certain appeal to it. ...Or does it? The decisions of numerous transfer targets since the turn of the century seem to suggest otherwise.
The January transfer window can make a club's season if they get it right, or break it if they get it wrong. The rumours are flying around and there are always players linked with your club that make you feel uneasy.
The beginning of a new season is crunch time for a lot of footballers, as they find out whether they still have a place in the side following a summer of wholesale changes. With not much time to impress between now and the winter transfer window, here are 10 players who need to up their game quick, or may find themselves on the move very soon indeed.
The transfer departure that has most caught my eye however comes not from the Premier League, nor the Championship, not even from professional football altogether. It comes from the Northern Football League Division One - the ninth tier of English football.
The club started the season with a wealth of options in every area. Some had to go. But a few of the players Slade has let go for next to nothing (or literaly nothing) were far too good for that kind of treatment...
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The Scot is more similar to locals than a Dutchman or a Spaniard... McCormack is a marquee and that could mean shirt sales. As the Championship's top scorer last season, the striker's record suggests a decent chance of promotion for whomever he plays.
The 20 Premier League clubs have until midnight on 1 September to strengthen their squads for the first half of the 2014
For some clubs, the frenzied start to 2014 may simply pass them by, but there are clubs that will most definitely use the transfer window to import fresh talent and export stale players.