'The absence of strong coordination and political leadership in confronting regional issues by the A.U. may be part of the reasons why it might fail.'
'The biggest move made to transform rugby in the past few years has nothing to do with quotas, in all honesty.'
Some South Africans will no longer be treated as “accessories”. They ask to be “accepted”, as Willemse and many others are asking on a daily basis.
The plight of the poor and the middle class cannot be entrusted to the privileged, rich and the elite to resolve.
"From my perspective, I have carried with me an obvious and indisputable connection to a painful past."
This was a defining moment in how black women located in the global south are viewed both locally and globally, now and into the future.
The jury is out on whether the DA can be trusted to lead the crucial phase of our struggle for economic emancipation.
Commentators have observed that South Africa’s leadership in Africa has been on a downward trend in recent years.
Universities as products of society resemble all of South Africa's atrocities.
UCT's new vice-chancellor can lead the way, but she'll need support to see this dream realised.