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A whale of a photo won the grand prize, and it was an amazing fluke. (Sorry...)
There is a responsibility that comes with travel; to be respectful, to be empathetic, and to be humble.
Instagram, the popular photography sharing app, currently has more than 500 million active users. For travellers that means an array of pictorial insights from which to draw inspiration. You'll find selfies, landscapes, cityscapes and carefully arranged food photos. Some accounts show holiday snaps while other streams display travel images by professional photographers.
Kirsten Alana Insta: @kirstenalana The wedding-turned-travel photographer is based in NYC and features an appealing mix of
All cities have stories. One of the joys of urban photography is conveying them with a camera. Dresden, the capital of Saxony, has many tales to tell and may well be the most photogenic of all Germany's big cities.
National Geographic Traveller (UK) has announced the finalists of its Photography Competition 2015. As a industry leader
"It is always advisable to carry a tablet of 'Antioyl' soap, if it is necessary to use bare hands for a repair, you will nearly always find some grease on your hands and this is impossible to remove with ordinary soap."
It's ironic because for most of my life I've been a night owl, but I now spend most of my days shooting at dawn. I love falling out of bed when the city is asleep and wandering the empty streets as sunrise breaks over the city. For a good ten years, shooting at daybreak has been the most inspiring impetus for my photography.
The National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest 2014 is now open. One of the world's largest photo competitions is up and
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, so they say: actually it was Confucius. It must be particularly true if you are a photographer, amateur or professional: in fact, one can go on holiday and take pictures that will possibly pay for the trip.