Travel Tips

It's time to look at the in-demand places for 2013, from the Spanish district that's had a serious re-brand to the city that travel bloggers across the world will be raving about.
Don't let winter keep you away from our marvelous seaside town. There is lots to keep the tourist and locals happy in the milder months and December, in particular, is the ideal time to get swept away by the unique atmosphere of Bournemouth.
Fancy some snow? Research shows there are a number of non-Eurozone countries for winter sports enthusiasts that with a stronger pound can be cheaper than the popular Eurozone destinations - so emerging ski destinations, such as Bulgaria and Romania, can shave hundreds of pounds of the cost of your break.
For the last 20 years, in my job as travel journalist, my luggage of choice has always been my faithful trusty Tatonka.
I'm no teenager anymore and my days of student parties and beans and toast are fading slowly into the past. But, 2 weeks ago - I started my (very delayed) gap-year and couldn't be happier.
Snails, swords and even spouses are among things left behind in hotels, according to a survey. The snails were left behind
Of course Lausanne prides itself on its wine and the beautiful terraced vineyards of Lavaux, just outside, are packed with wineries offering a warm welcome and a chance to try some of their vintages.
Skiing is a wonderful vacation idea for families with children. Not only do you get to spend time being active outdoors together, but your children will spend their holiday making new friends, learning new skills and building their physical confidence.
I had been counting down the days feverishly for months. It was the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep, and the first thing I thought of when I woke. It consumed me, vigorously updating my statuses as though people actually cared that it was only 142 days, 141 days etc until my first visit to the USA.
Thanks to all the smartphones now on the market and the incredible efficiency of these devices - there are now an abundance of fantastic travel apps out there to help you get the trip together, organise it, as well as highly reducing your stress levels. Because if you're stressed - it's not really a holiday!