Travel Tips

This bank holiday weekend is your opportunity to join the international Slow Travel movement; the extra day will afford you the luxury of taking your time getting to your favourite holiday spot but there's more to Slow Travel than that. The term does not, in fact, necessarily indicate that you'll be longer arriving.
Unless you have an incredible memory capacity, chances are you will need a documented and carefully thought out checklist before you travel on any holiday. If you're tacking a backpacking break across Europe however, that list becomes infinitely more important.
I live and work in central London, and I'll be (totally) honest here - I'm not overly excited for the Olympics. If you've ever been to London you'll agree with me that it's a beautiful city, it's a pretty awesome place to live and usually, I don't have any complaints.
It's what happens behind the scenes that makes London truly special - and although I could go on forever about those quirky little spots that have melted many-a-heart, I've managed to pick out just 10 of my favourite places to wholeheartedly recommend for any trip to the capital.
Most people probably aren't aware that 'Festivals in Brighton' is England's largest annual arts festival. With over 700 events running throughout May, 'the Festivals' encompass Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe, Artists Open Houses and HOUSE.
For years, dreamy Hawaii was known as that heavenly place far, far away where pretty girls danced in coconut shells and grass skirts, superstars sipped cocktails on white sandy beaches, Jurassic Park-esq creatures roamed in the wild and loved-up honeymooners spent thousands of their hard-earned pounds on their first few days of marriage.
We've all been there at some stage, haven't we? You're desperately in need of a holiday (a week in Kos or maybe something more exotic) but your partner/mates are far too busy with their hectic work lives. So what do you do? Wait until someone's free (but it seems like you've waited months already) - OR go on your own? Yes! You could go on holiday on your own!
Going on holiday is the highlight of the year for most, but unfortunately the build up and preparation for departure can be a stressful time!