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Students get ready to pack your bags and jet off across Europe. Berlin has been named as the as the top European university
Since film fans were treated to that very first iconic shot of Sean Connery’s super-suave James Bond at the card table in
By this point holidays are sounding a little stressful, and sipping a cocktail on a paradise beach loses its allure. Why risk such a huge amount of money? How do you know if you're fully covered?
People always say to travel whilst you're young. It is unlikely that another point will come in your life where you have
Yes, Greece is in economic turmoil, financial crisis, political chaos. But should that stop you going on holiday? Absolutely
This is it. The time is now. You’re off to Europe/Asia/South America/somewhere far more interesting than the university library
Eating fish sandwiches on Galata Bridge and haggling in the Grand Bazaar... most guide books will describe these as unmissable experiences. But there's plenty more to Istanbul. Here is my guide to the perfect 24 hours in an incredible city!
A trip to Cappadocia offers the perfect break from the vibrant, frenetic city of Istanbul. So next time you're thinking about booking a holiday to Turkey, skip the resorts, and go on a Cappdocian adventure!
Dear Lizzie, You are 18 right now and probably sitting in your trackies stressing about uni work and when you are next going to get to see your long distance boyfriend. As much as you feel like you don't, you really do have a lot going for you.
Taking a gap year between school and university is good for you - and even lowers stress levels, according to new research