From Mexico to Mongolia, Joel Dommett and Nish Kumar undertook a range of activities including an ultra-marathon, rock climbing and wrestling. Here, for HuffPost UK, the comedians talk about the craziest moments, what they learned and whether they'd ever give up their lives in the UK to live with a community they met.
If you want to reduce the amount of stress in your life, moving to Germany could be a good call. A study analysing potential
Read more on The Huffington Post Over two thirds (65%) said they thought it was rude to recline your seat on a plane. However
Travelling with an open mind It was a three-week backpacking trip 12 years ago across Morocco by train that sparked my love
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Beg-packing is undoubtedly a phenomenon which should stop. Despite the lack of funds some travellers may face, it's the sheer ignorance they approach others in third world countries with that makes me question the moral conscience these backpackers truly have. The issue does not lie with the belief that people should stop travelling if they do not have the financial capabilities to do so but rather, they should be aware of the ignorance they have when they beg to fund their travels from people who need money more.
Get the best travel tips about a city by chatting to the people who live there.
We’ve all heard the old adage that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t got to know yet. But for many of us, making genuine
Over the last few years, I've travelled to various different countries, mostly with other people. It is definitely fun to share new experiences with a group, supporting each other when you struggle and making memories together.