"I didn’t want cancer to take everything away from me."
As a triathlete, Jodie Stimpson has to not only balance training for three different sports, but also do it to a competitive
'Perceptions of the sport are slowly changing.'
If you’ve ever thought of doing a triathlon, there’s probably one thing holding you back: thinking you’re not ‘good enough
An eight-year-old boy with cerebral palsy has proved his determination by completing his first ever triathlon. Bailey Matthews
If you know the name Jenson Button from anything, it'll be as the Formula One driver who became the Formula One World Champion
When it came to race day I wanted to be sick when I came out of the water, the lake was green with algae, I got kicked, it was pouring with rain, I ran with wet socks, got shouted at by marshals, and on the run I was so fatigued I felt like I actually might die. However, as the saying goes 'It's the hard that makes it great'.