As this area of communication continues to develop we will continue to see news stories where you can't help but wonder how someone could have been so naive'? Yet, employers must also make sure that they don't end up on the wrong end of a tribunal decision (or the media) by taking a decision that could ultimately be considered unreasonable or disproportionate.
An academic has lost his case against the Universities and Colleges Union, which he alleged is anti-Semitic, with the furious
Civil society works as the eyes and ears of a nation: it must be politically conscious, but neutral or at least non-partisan. A forceful civil society defends the weak from the strong and poor from the rich; strengthening it is a continuous and creative endeavour and its successful continuity should never be taken for granted.
Carillion hospital managers at a Swindon hospital demanded gifts from foreign workers in return for time off, according to
For a branch of law intended, at the time of its creation less than half a century ago, to be simple, accessible and non-legalistic, employment law has become shrouded by an extraordinary number of myths and misconceptions.
There are times when both we and our clients suspect that HR has turned into both a police force and social services at the