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Scott Young is one of those people who travels around doing mind-crushingly death-defying stunts -- for no very good reason
Ready to watch the most impressive 14-second video you'll see today? Click play... (Via Viral Viral Videos)
Comedian-magician-illusionist Andy Gross gets up to his old tricks again (literally) - and terrifies the life out of strangers
Hoorah! Richard Wiseman is back with another 10 bets that you're guaranteed to win. Click play to learn the tricks that will
Magician Rahat is back - and up to his naughty ways again. This time, he's asking strangers to take a photo of him and his
Attention all supermarket nightshift workers! Do you get bored in your job? Want to spice things up a little? Well, why not
On camera, that is. Not for real. That would just be silly! That said, it's still a very effective trick. And amazingly simple
We're not sure this entirely counts as an extreme sport - but it's certainly (a) slightly brave and (b) rather impressive
Yes, folks - magician-slash-prankster Rahat is at it again. Hot on the heels of his drive-thru invisible driver prank, he's
Depending on your take, this man's skills are either a) mouth-based or b) akin to those of Derren Brown. Yes, you may watch
Move over, girl with amazing dancing eyebrows! There's a new talent in town. Or at least: viewable on the internet. He goes
Imagine the scene. You're on the Hollywood Boulevard (stay with us, here) when, on the Walk Of Fame, a tourist asks you to
If only all shop assistants were like Michael Carbonaro. Mr Carbonaro is a magician who now has a recurring segment on 'The
People are amazing, aren't they? They can do incredible things - like backflips, and skateboard stunts, and forming a government
Are you a busy person? Do you always feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done? Then may we suggest