triple dip recession

For many it never really went away but the political agenda is currently being dominated by the issues, politicians and parties of the right.
(Poster adapted for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Beresford and Robin Flavell) More TOPICALOLs: Abu Qatada To Be Handed Over
It almost goes without saying that the arts have an intrinsic value - the 'arts for arts sake' argument has been made countlessly and convincingly. But, clearly we are living in tough times - and we therefore need to make sure that the incredible instrumental potential of culture is both appreciated and maximised.
Britain is expected to narrowly dodge a triple-dip recession in keenly-awaited figures due on Thursday, but there will be
Britain will avoid a feared triple dip recession, business leaders say. The British Chambers of Commerce said near record
Britain remains on the brink of a triple-dip recession after figures confirmed the economy contracted by 0.3% at the end
Three former members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) have launched a scathing attack on George Osborne’s
Sterling dropped to a new two-and-a-half year low on Tuesday of 1.48 against the US dollar after another dire month for manufacturing
Nigel Farage was quipping that the Tories split the UKIP vote in Eastleigh - ouch. With the recent decline of the BNP and soon to be expired incarceration of the EDL leader Stephen Lennon - their masses of frustrated followers have found their mouthpiece in Farrage.
A leading business body has cut its UK growth forecast for this year but said the UK should avoid a triple-dip recession