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This year, it is my sincere hope that at least one politician makes the resolution to talk some truth and sense on immigration. Negative rhetoric can start as a cheap way of wooing a particular voter demographic or selling newspapers. Left unchecked it can permeate into the public conscious...
Depending on who you choose to believe, the news that Britain's 15 year-olds are outside the international top 20 for maths, reading and science is either a reason to lament our children's prospects in the oft-quoted 'global race'; to condemn teachers as underqualified, or overpaid; or to take aim at either this government or its predecessor on the verities of its education reform agenda.
UK teenagers are lagging far behind their peers across the world as the country fails to improve its performance in reading
After student protests across the country, on Monday the Government will sell off £900 million of student loans to a private
Tristram Hunt may have won the hearts of teachers earlier this week after pledging to reintroduce the EMA, but he's probably
The five things you need to know on Thursday 31 October 2013... 1) LET'S TALK ABOUT ENERGY PRICES. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN
Wednesday was not a good day for Tristram Hunt. In the afternoon, the former TV historian laboured through his first big
Labour's new shadow education secretary has admitted he would consider sending his children to private schools. Tristram
Labour would bring back the Educational Maintenance Allowance for England's poorest pupils if voted into power, the party's
The Conservatives have rejected calls from Nick Clegg to tighten controls over free schools. The Lib Dem leader accused the