Trojan Horse

The chairman of the Educational Trust which was at the centre of the alleged "Trojan Horse" Muslim takeover plot in Birmingham
Scottish people are more likely than Muslims to say they are not proud to be British, a new poll has found, but the research
A crackdown on the so-called "Trojan horse" schools in Birmingham has only increased the risk of children being radicalised
Religion is an idea of life, the universe and everything stating how we should live. What will happen to us after death. A God - or at least a cosmic force - has set these things in motion and may or may not keep the wheels turning by active involvement.
Ofsted wasted two days and taxpayers money on a "baffling" two-day inspection of a school that was due to close permanently
Governors at a school placed in special measures over the alleged hardline Muslim plot to take over governing boards have
Children at three private schools in Manchester have been taught from American textbooks which state that abortion is wrong
The issue of great concern for most Muslim communities is not that they see a conflict between 'Muslim values' and 'British values' but that their children are growing up in a society in which such an imaginary binary opposition is constantly propagated by both politicians and 'extremist' elements within their communities.
The discussion is indeed a positive move. But I think there will be hardly anyone, including those who are constantly being sniped at (Muslims), who would disagree with British values that are universal. ..
The news that some schools in Birmingham are under investigation by the Department for Education has caused widespread concern