Fast forward one year, to Tromsø, Northern Norway. Stepping out of our apartment, we happened to look up. There it was, the aurora, but this time much brighter. Excited, we rushed over to a clearing in the nearby forest, and stopped and watched as the sky erupted into a beautiful cascade of rapidly dancing green and pink lights, illuminating the city beneath it.
It's about that time of the year again... Pretty much from now and until the end of March, these are the months of the year where we can get to enjoy the Northern Lights in some parts of the earth.
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This far North, there will only be two months of summer before the days start to shorten and wind and cold return. In fact, I find it hard to believe the snow only fully melted two weeks ago. In the winter there is three months of total darkness, the Polar Night, when the Northern Lights are most prominent.
I'm told to prepare for the worst and pack for serious weather but am greeted by a warm sunny day when I arrive in Bodø. It's just north of the Arctic circle but you'd never know - lush forest, summer flowers and majestic landscapes of mountain and water surprise you at every turn.