Nearly 400 people were killed and over a thousand were reported injured after a tsunami hit Indonesia’s Sunda Strait late on 22 December.
Witnessing the aftermath of the devastation, the scale of human loss here is hard to fathom
Since the island of Sulawesi was hit with both a tsunami and an earthquake, 2000 people have died and 5000 are still reported missing. A newly-released video shows the moment the tsunami hit.
The body count is over 1000.
Nearly 400 people died after the wave swept through parts of Sulawesi Island.
People packed into high schools and other evacuation centres.
life less ordinary banner Every evening I taught art to the children on the camp, their drawings were harrowing and therapeutic at the same time. Their pictures initially were of bodies in water and people stuck up trees but soon evolved into happier scenes of elephants rescuing people, and families in their tents smiling.