tuc congress

The devastating impact of the last six years of economic austerity, with its savage attacks on public services and on workers' rights is evident in the motions submitted for debate at this year's TUC Congress.
More unions could soon be echoing this sentiment and pushing for PR once the TUC's research is out next year. The campaign for fair votes is only getting stronger.
Jeremy Corbyn blasted the Tories as “poverty deniers” today as he attacked the Government's record on poverty. The new Labour
Britain is at a historically important crossroads, facing a choice between decline or renewal, the leader of the TUC will
The Government is on a fresh collision course with millions of workers after warnings of mass strikes in protest at pay freezes
Deep cuts to health and safety spending are hitting workplaces across the country amid the Government's "damaging spin" over
While talks with ministers will continue, it takes two to negotiate. Unions are on the dance floor, and the next dance is the tango. We do not yet know whether we have a partner.