Tuition payments

"Plenty of people without college degrees" would make better presidents than Trump, the New York Democrat said.
The UK government has said students in England will be charged full tuition fees even if campuses remain closed. With fees over £9,000 many students feel they are not receiving value for money as their education goes online in the wake of Covid-19. The end to the academic year no one could have predicted has meant many students are missing out on the social benefits of a regular university education as well. And for students who live outside of the UK deferring isn’t an option as Britain's looming exit from the European Union means they could be faced with international student fees.
This move is being discussed under proposals from a commission established by the PM
Universities Minister Jo Johnson says fast-track degrees will encourage mature learners.
Angela Rayner has poured scorn on Government plans to introduce £11,100-a-year tuition fees for more “accelerated” two-year
A poll has revealed that just 17% of voters believed Jeremy Corbyn would wipe student debt for recent graduates if he was
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