tunisia attack

As news of the terror which took place at Westminster Bridge broke out at the school gates on Wednesday, there were feelings
Within a split second everything had changed and suddenly gunfire echoed along the beach. People were screaming in terror and running in a desperate panic to find safety. Nobody really knows how to react when terror hits.
Russell Brand has hit back at Jeremy Kyle - "a miner of ordinary people's misery" - who lambasted the comedian for calling
(L-R) Adrian Evans, Patrick Evans and Joel Richards at Walsall FC. All three were killed in the attacks Rob says to Brand
The nation fell silent at midday on Friday and flags were flown at half-mast over Whitehall and Buckingham Palace as a mark
What to do when our intelligence agency, MI5, state the terror threat level is severe? Iain Dale spoke to a member of the public on his drive show on LBC last week, who articulated why he believed we are looking at a generational fight against this particular breed of terrorist: IS. David Cameron went further and said they pose an 'existential danger.' The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
A woman "played dead" by falling to the ground when the Tunisian terrorist fired at tourists, stopping just inches from her
Sue Davey and Scott Chalkley were on holiday together. Mr Chalkley did not survive the attack Couple Sue Davey and Scott
The C17 aircraft landed at Birmingham Airport last night carrying some of the British victims Repatriation of the bodies
WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE Disturbing footage has been released showing the devastation caused by the Tunisian gunman - filmed