Turkey Protests

In the late hours of Wednesday night one woman died and five others were injured in a horrific stabbing in central London. Even after these facts were known, #PrayForLondon was top UK trend on Twitter. It's about time we tried something different.
Part of Istanbul has been turned into a war zone after riot police unleashed tear gas and water cannon on protesters that
It is not clear from the footage whether Erdoğan's fist comes into contact with the protester, but according to a report
Sorrow has turned to fury in the wake of Turkey's worst mining disaster in its history, with the death toll after the tragedy
As rescuers continue to hunt desperately for scores of Turkish coal miners still missing after an explosion, their devastated
'Don't sleep Ankara, make your voices heard' - just one of the chants that rose from the thousands strong crowd as they gathered outside the Electoral Commission building (YSK) early Tuesday afternoon.
The day after a court in Ankara ruled that the Turkish government’s recent endeavour to ban Twitter was illegal, Prime Minister
Dramatic pictures have emerged showing the Syrian military jet shot down on Sunday by Turkey's armed forces for reportedly
A Syrian jet was shot down by Turkish armed forces on Sunday following an incursion into sovereign air space. According to
The Turkish prime minister has moved to silence anti-government protesters responsible for multiple demonstrations in recent
For the second evening, the two biggest cities in Turkey have descended into chaos after police fired tear gas and water
UPDATE: Istanbul has suffered a second night of chaos after police fired tear gas on anti-government protesters following
A journalist was blasted off her feet by a water cannon as Turkish riot police tackled people protesting against the Prime
A police officer photographed tear-gassing a woman in the face she passively stood in the midst of an anti-government protest
This past Sunday, two boatloads of raucous semi-clad people ranging in age from 14 to 83 made their way up the Bosphorus Strait, a long stretch of sea that divides the European and Asian sides of Turkey's largest city... During the voyage, the competitors were chanting, "Everywhere is Taksim. Everywhere is resistance."
I turn back into the main street and approach the riot officers. "What are you doing here? Open your bag!" shouts one of them. "I'm a journalist," I say, waving my press card. He grabs my arm, opens up my bag and pulls out my gas mask: that's all the proof he needs.
It's late evening when I receive a text from someone I was sitting with earlier. "Police are coming, things are starting, watch out, we're running..." In front of me in Taksim Square, riot policemen are assembling alongside the infamous 'TOMA' riot control vehicles. Between them and thousands of heckling protesters, a group of activists are joining hands to form a human chain.
The handcuffs are digging into my wrists. To my left a riot policeman is rough-handling a young detainee who can't stop crying. It's hot, I haven't eaten for hours, and I don't have my press card. Istanbul was supposed to be a stopping point on my way to visit my grandparents. I never thought I'd end up in police custody in front of a man insinuating that I was linked to a deadly bombing.
Ireland was honoured indeed to have some big time dignitaries in da house this week. No, I'm not talking about Bob Jovi (at least that's how the Guards know him) but the leaders of the G8 countries, who convened upon Lough Erne for high-powered talks and high-intensity staring.
For the past three weeks, the park, along with the square, has become a hub of activity, with thousands of encamped protesters confronting water cannon and tear gas-wielding riot police. But despite the harsh rhetoric and the violence, the reality is that Prime Minister Erdogan has little to fear.