Most parents can help create a revision timetable and advise on common mistakes like time management, not ticking the correct number of boxes, copying numbers wrongly or misreading instructions, but our children need to understand technique and what's usefu
Without a serious re-think about how we encourage new teachers to get into the profession, perhaps coupled with a radical change in approach to the education system as a whole, it is sadly likely that the shortage of teachers England will only become more of a problem.
The education industry has not yet caught up with the daily and continuous changes in technology. Classroom based learning on the other hand, still incorporates note taking from white boards, reading through bulky textbooks and filling-in-the-gaps in hand out after hand out.
The apps reviewed are excellent additional revision resources and learning aids and a lot of them are totally free. I would recommend that both students and their parents get to grips with what's out there to help with revision planning, note-taking, data storage, grammar aids and exam count downs.
Many of the new education policies seem to focus on the short-term rather than long-term. Of course a rational person wouldn't want to defend Gove, but he's right about one thing. Change is needed.
A personal tutor can often find a weak area and address the problem when a teacher (however gifted) can overlook this in a noisy, demanding class of 20 children.