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This ad for protein shake brand For Goodness Shakes has been banned by the advertising watchdog, which deemed that its references
As a child of the 70s, one of the things that used to provoke lots of debate in my classroom was finding consensus on what were the best ads. Up there with the greatest were: the Oxo family, the Gold Blend affair, the Cadbury's Smash Martians (my favourite), the Milky Bar Kid and many, many more.
TV star Martin Clunes has branded car insurance company Churchill "rude" for dropping him from its adverts after he was disqualified
A Paddy Power TV advert shown ahead of a major horse race that featured transgender people has been ruled as offensive – because
The Government has launched an advertising campaign on the "hidden dangers" of second-hand smoke to young children. New TV
I'm not against Christmas, contrary to the view of the parent of a child that approached me once and asked if I was Santa's sister because his mum has said I was 'Aunty Christmas.' I love Christmas.
One of the great things about the proliferation of TV channels is the ease with which you can avoid watching tiresome adverts. But, it has to be said, there are more than a few ads out at the minute that are quite remarkable. Although, remarkable doesn't always mean good. For instance...