TV Revolution

'Netflix and chill' may have been transformed into a euphemism for something altogether more physical, but the phrase's origins
‘Brookside’ and creator Phil Redmond has hinted that there could be life in the defunct soap yet, in the world of online
It's all about the pilot episode - in terms of positioning a show for a TV audience, working out the chemistry between the
This week’s been a strange one. First Benedict Cumberbatch was lambasted for using his celebrity currency, and more specially
Following Freeview's rebrand earlier this year, coupled with the launch of Freeview Play, we wanted this ad to make a real impact; we wanted the public to sit-up and listen and re-evaluate the most loved TV brand in the country.
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Television may be deeply ingrained into our everyday lives, but how much do we really know about its history? TV has gone
With the nights firmly drawn in and slippers on, it's time to see what new goodies Netflix can offer us for November. The
Since its inception, television has been a unifying social force, bringing family, friends and different groups of people
The rivalry between two great but opposite snooker talents Steve Davis and Alex Higgins will be brought to the screen, in
'True Detective' actor Tim Murphy considers the show’s creator Nic Pizzalatto to be “brave” in taking the second series in