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It teaches us how to cope with loneliness, it offers a fictional revenge, makes us remember various emotions, including profound sorrow, embarrassment over being in retirement instead of solving the case, and guilt for losing a child. In some ways, Julien Baptiste is our alter ego, whose life events and emotions make us realise we are not to blame.
Here we are, Episode 6 out of 10, and it seems we have a culprit. Stefan Lindberg, the eccentric vigilante, who swerves between
Less than a year ago, HuffPostUK spoke to Damian Lewis about a small French-funded film he was about to appear in. As an
Right from the opening scenes of Sherlock, we realised something was horribly wrong. The rain fell outside, and John Watson
So Sherlock came bouncing onto our screens last night and managed, in what seemed like 10 minutes but was more like a couple
Want something warm, cheap and entertaining this New Year? Had enough revelling to last you until at least the next clock
The second series of the contemporary Sherlock is a tent-pole in the BBC's schedule for New Year's Day, following its phenomenal
The first thing to say about Sofie Grabol is that she is NOTHING like her alter ego Sarah Lund to talk to. Lund, the detective