twenty something

We're not 'hot young talent', we're the most disposable, and once disposed of we'll probably have to work for free again. Britain's brutally uncertain jobs market is the perfect clammy breeding ground for a mid-twenties crisis.
I am faced with three months of having little planned and so this seemed like the perfect time to really get into this project. If you need a reminder, this is my list of twenty things to do while 20, which I have added to and the full list is now here.
What is a quarter-life crisis? It's a period where a person begins to feel doubtful about their life; this is brought on by the stress and fear of being an adult.
Ridiculous as it sounds, I am convinced that this gap between adolescence and irrefutable adulthood lacks the cultural signposts available to other age groups. It's unsurprising that writers and directors turn to the supposedly hedonistic seventeen to twenty-one year olds or the nest-building thirty-odds for much of their inspiration.