Jean Shrimpton - 'The Shrimp - was, arguably, THE icon of Sixties' swinging London, with her huge eyes, dark brown hair and
It's not difficult to see what Zayn Malik sees in his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. The Little Mix singer has been showing her
Audrey, Twiggy, Brigitte; iconic names from an iconic era.  Representing pinpoint precise eye makeup, the new definition of supermodel and the ever elegant beehive, these three ladies played an extraordinary part in defining the way we view the 60s as an era.
To plant the really not-ever-so-Christmassy bonnet on it this year, M&S have taken the 'carol singers at your front door' motif and run with it, re-casting the traditional shower of untalented local school kids (not without some degree of irony, theweemo notes) with this year's X Factor contestants.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Model Twiggy is to revive her music career with a new album - in her 60s. The M&S ad star, who became