Honesdale is the kind of white picket-fence neighborhood where swinging benches hang from porches and american flags flap from the beamers, so you wouldn't expect much nightlife. We did however, manage to find one lone bar with music where the residents of Honesdale were just all too interested to see who these crazy kids were.
The 'Everything Wrong With...' team are back! After eviscerating 'Skyfall', they've turned their hand to 'Twilight'. Well
Whether you're Katniss Everdeen's biggest fan, or just waiting for the whole franchise to fade away, you can't help but be amused when Jennifer Lawrence opens her mouth. If it comes to a choice between watching Angelina Jolie's latest piece of self-important tripe, or watching Jennifer Lawrence talk about her cat for five minutes, I'd go for J-Law every time.
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The pacing is sadly where Breaking Dawn Part 2 is let down. Had they condensed the risible Part 1 into the opening 20 minutes of this film and skipped the extended sequence of finding members of the Cullen family who really serve no purpose in a narrative sense, we may have enjoyed a more complete film experience.