twitter joke trial

Real time social media communications have utterly flattened and revolutionized the ways of the world. But with this incredible good has come a large measure of bad. The anonymous internet troll is now ubiquitous, the keyboard warrior is part of the daily rhythm and the anti-social social media user is common place.
Now listen very carefully - lawyers especially - I shall say this just the once: this is not incitement. Oh no. Definitely
The BNP is much harder to censor, or deny a platform, with the growth of online forums For Nick Lowles, head of Hope Not
The High Court has overturned the conviction of a man who joked he would "blow up" an airport on Twitter - and was then prosecuted
A man found guilty of sending a menacing tweet had celebrity backing as he renewed his challenge against conviction today
The case of a man found guilty of sending a menacing tweet returns to court today. Paul Chambers was fined £385 and ordered
In November of 2010, Cameron took a little visit to China. During that visit he spoke to them about human rights and made