twitter storm

I think I got a bit off piste there but here's the take home. Don't be an arse on social media unless you're 100% convinced it's worth being an arse. If you need to troll someone, refer back to my first paragraph. Trump's on Twitter all the time. Fair game.
Do we need to set up a Society for the Protection of Mainstream Media? It might be tempting to think so given that these
Kim Kardashian has been getting her kit off again, and all the grown-ups are telling her off. I've never watched The Kardashians
Mystery still surrounds the two hours that Texan tourist David Willis spent locked in Waterstones in Trafalgar Square. Though
Meet David Willis, from Dallas Texas. Last night, he basically got to live the dream, by getting locked in Waterstones, Trafalgar
People personally affected by the issue of Dawkins’ original post will pen angry responses to Independent Voices and the
The exact words printed in the magazine, in quotation marks to show that they were being reprinted verbatim, were: 'Breast milk boosts a baby's immune system, but only for the first six months. After that, it has no effect.
A funny thing happened to me over Christmas. After over 16,000 attempts, suddenly I tweeted something that went viral. At the last count it had received 1,231 retweets, and at midnight on Christmas Eve, I was trending 11th in the United Kingdom.
Kellogg's UK has been forced to apologise for the "wrong use of words" after posting a message on Twitter offering to give
While I support the right to free speech and feel that should be protected from the street to the World Wide Web, I believe we have no right to discriminate against anyone for any matter, especially when it can effect the discriminated and inflame stereotypes further, which only holds back the positive progression of society and humanity.